Business Spotlight: Class A Salon & Spa

Learn how the owner of Class A Salon Spa got started.
Class A Salon & Spa

1. Tell our readers how you first started out in the salon business. 

  I’ve always been the person to be well dressed and groomed. Since I was in middle school I started cleaning my edges with a razor in between haircuts, when I was in high school I started cutting my own hair. I used to do it every 3 days and because I was never hairy, a friend of mine asked me if I go to the barbershop often and where “since they such a good job” and I told him that I cut my own hair, and just like that I acquired my first client which was my best friend. Then I started cutting my brother’s hair and soon other friends until I had a business going in the garage of my house. I loved the freedom of being able to make as much money as I wanted and to be able to connect with people and make them feel good. That was what made me fall in love with the craft and realize that this is what I wanted to do forever. 

2. Have you always wanted to own your own salon?

  I’m the kind of person that if I’m going to do something, I do it all the way. When I realized that cutting hair was what I wanted to do I quickly started having thoughts and vision of me owning my own barbershop and since I always go “all the way” obviously I thought big. So I had this vision of owning the best barbershop and salon around.  

3. What was your vision for your first salon?

My vision for my first location was to create a professional space and offer the best quality haircuts and service around, not only from the finished product but also the first impression when you walk in to the shop. I wanted to wow from the moment you walk in to the moment you see yourself in the mirror after the haircut. I was 20 years old when I bought my very first barbershop and I was very inexperienced in business and management. It was a challenge to enforce my vision in the business even though there were lots of improvement from the previous owner and we gained a lot more clientele since I took over. We relocated that barbershop and I was able to put my full potential and vision into it and now we been open 4 years in my second location in St. Cloud. We’ve been really successful, we’re busy every day and I have a great team there.    

4. Now you’ve opened you 2nd salon in Harmony. Why Harmony?

Being that there’s not a barbershop around that offers the services and quality we have there’s been a lot of clients requesting to go to Harmony, among other places, but the opportunity to be in Harmony came unexpectedly and it made complete sense. When the opportunity was presented to me I didn’t have to think about it much because to me it looked like the same opportunity I had when I bought my first barbershop at 20 years old, only this time I have a lot more experience, I have a brand and recognizable name that when people hear it they already know that Class A Salon & Spa stands for professionalism, quality and great experience. Being in harmony has been a great experience because we are not only bringing great service to them but the people in Harmony bring so much joy and kindness to us and we are so happy to be there. 

5. So the salon has only been open for business for a month since you took over but already, business is looking great. To what do you attribute your success?

  When I took over the Salon I came only with the intentions to succeed with the same vision I’ve always had. I owe my success to my team that have been executing and following the vision with excellence since day one, and obviously the people from Harmony and anyone that has come through our Class A Salon & Spa doors and supported us.  

6. There are many salons throughout St.Cloud/Kissimmee/Harmony. What sets your salon apart from the rest?

  I’ve taken my time through the years to study and understand what people like and want and added other things that nobody has to set Class A Barbers and Class A Salon & Spa apart from other barbershops and salon. 

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