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What's inside: Conway-Belle Isle: Where the Lake is Your Living Room; I Live Here: The Rivas Family; real estate & rental listings; July Social
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Conway-Belle Isle is a great area to live, work and play. No trike required (but totally recommended).

Editor’s Note

You get to a place in life where you can slow down and have more time to help people. I’ve had a life of blessings. Now it’s my turn to share those blessings with my community wherever and whenever I can. —Chris Comins, Florida National News

Hi there, neighbors.

Have you thought about what you can contribute to making your community a better place to live?

Belle Isle resident Chris Comins privately funded and managed the renovations of the local police station. He not only repaired the space—he improved it, making it a safer, environmentally friendly, and more comfortable workplace for law enforcement officers.

It’s easy to confuse giving from your wallet with giving from your heart. In this case, Mr. Comins did both.

But heartfelt contributions don’t have to be financial. A simple kind act (helping an elderly neighbor, picking up litter on the street, smiling at a stranger, saying hello to your neighbor) is a form of social currency. And the more you spend from your emotional wallet, the richer our community (and your life) will become.

We each have unique gifts—yes, you too! And I wager Mr. Comins will agree: Collectively, our social capital can make us more wealthy than our financial capital.

So, like the commercial says: what’s in your wallet?

In gratitude,

P.S. Read more about the Belle Isle Police Department and Mr. Comins’ generous gift at Florida National News.

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