Central Florida Monthly Magazine: October 2017

What's inside: Till the Cows Came Home: The Continued Growth of the Lee Vista Area | I Live Here: Bethany Poppenberg | Real Estate Listings & Rentals
Lee Vista residents, the Kilgore Family
Lee Vista’s Kilgore family (left to right): Aubrey, Chan, Stacy, Amber, and Abigail.

Editor’s Note

Hi there, neighbors.

Well, we’ve been through the wringer with Irma (literally and figuratively) and recovery is now in full swing.

We’ll all get caught up someday, right?

One thing Irma made perfectly clear is the resilience, strength, and love of our community.

The day after Irma, everyone who was able was cleaning up (or helping friends and loved ones clean up), and/or conducting business as usual—as if to say, “Was there a hurricane? Didn’t have time to notice, really.”

We get stuff done, together. And I love that, don’t you?

I’d like to give a special shout-out to the families who took a break from their own Irma recovery efforts to be interviewed and photographed for this issue. And we’d also like to give kudos to all the advertisers who made sure we had updated artwork and information. We really appreciate it.

There was a minute or two when it was unclear if this issue would happen or not. It was hard for all of us, but we did it!


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