Central Florida Monthly Magazine: September 2017

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Bell Family
Meet the Bell family (left to right): Joseph with Darla, David with Daphne, and Danielle with Duke.

Editor’s Note

Hi there, neighbors.

I always loved going back to school after summer vacation. Did you?

It was so much fun reconnecting with friends, wearing new clothes, admiring how my classmates had changed over the summer (why hello there, sir! When did you get to be so cute?), and, of course, navigating the crush of new faces. So much to learn!

As an adult, there are no more long summer vacations or first days of school, but my inner-child always feels a rush of excitement during this time of year. And it reminds me to stay curious and be open to new experiences.

I lot of things I took for granted as a kid—doing the splits, eating after-school Blizzards and not gaining an ounce, and long summer months of doing absolutely nothing—are in my rear-view mirror. But, unlike my high school jeans, my curiosity and openness to new experiences still fit. And this time of year is a gentle reminder to use them.

How does the new school year make you feel? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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