The Community of Moss Park

Iconic Art

"Glass House" in Laureate Park Village Center is the most recent installation of Brooklyn-based Artist Tom Fruin's ICON series. The kaleidoscopic artwork gives a nod to overlooked landmarks and takes its cues from reclaimed urban design, American folk art and the spiritual qualities of stained glass. 

Architectural Delights

The Nemours Children’s Hospital is one of only three Children’s Hospitals in the nation to achieve LEED Gold Certification. The children’s hospital campus is designed to both reassure and inspire, engage and delight. Read more.

Natural Wonders

Moss Park boasts over 1500 acres of natural family fun—everything from kayaking, boating, camping, canoeing, paddle boarding, hiking, biking, fishing, picnicking, bird-watching, and orienteering

Attractive Amenities

Proximity to world-class shopping, dining and services is a hallmark of the Lake Nona lifestyle. New spots like Canvas Restaurant & Market are popping up all over the Nonahood.

Healthy Collaborations

Medical City at Lake Nona is a future-forward mashup of health, education and sustainability that’s fueling investment and driving economic growth in the area.

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Moss Park Community

If you wander around Central Florida’s scenic Moss Park neighborhood, you’re as likely to encounter deer, sandhill cranes, bald eagles, raccoons and foxes as you are people. (Just keep your eyes peeled for the alligators.) The cozy neighborhood is just a stone’s throw from bustling Lake Nona proper, making it the perfect place to play outside—from camping, boating and jetskiing to biking and hiking the neighborhood’s trail system or hitting the links for a leisurely day at the golf course.

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Moss Park Reserve Lake Nona

Moss Park Real Estate

For homeowners looking for quiet, country-style living, Central Florida’s Moss Park neighborhood is the best of both worlds. The landscape is dotted with trees, lakes, and ponds. The yards are large. There’s more space between homes. Traffic is minimal, and the only sounds that will keep residents up at night are crickets or the occasional train whistle. But the best part is that Moss Park is just a three-mile drive or bike ride to neighboring Lake Nona proper, which is home to the kinds of restaurants, movie theaters and boutiques that living in the woods simply won’t accommodate.

12 Interesting Facts about Moss Park [Infographic]

Real estate options include:

  • townhomes in Moss Park Commons
  • traditional single-family homes in Moss Park Landing
  • a mixture of homes and townhomes in the Enclave at Moss Park and Moss Park Ridge
  • larger, upscale homes in the gated Moss Park Reserve

See Moss Park Real Estate Listings
See Moss Park Rental Listings (Filter by zip code 32832)

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Moss Park Reserve neighbors, The Francis familyMoss Park Residents

Have you ever wondered who lives in Moss Park? Maybe you’re curious about your neighbors and want to know their stories? Or maybe you’re looking for a home in the Lake Nona area and wondering where you’ll feel most at home? No matter why you’re curious, you’ll enjoy I Live Here, our ongoing series of resident profiles.

I Live Here: The Francis Family

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Koko the Emu

Moss Park Activities

If you dig the natural environment, you’ll never run short of things to do and see. Moss Park is perfect for picnics, boating, swimming, sunning, hiking and everything in-between. If you’re a nature lover, prepare to be delighted by sightings of deer, sandhill cranes, bald eagles, raccoons, and foxes. Be sure to visit Back to Nature Wildlife Refuge while you’re there—it’s one of the area’s best-kept secrets.

Because Moss Park is part of the Lake Nona area, you have options galore. With the never-ending list of farmers’ markets, 5k races, community events, yoga classes and more, you’ll never get bored.

See Lake Nona-area events  

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Moss Park Shopping and Dining

Moss Park blends seamlessly with other Lake Nona area neighborhoods so you’ll very likely do most of your shopping and dining in the greater Lake Nona area.

Like most planned communities, Lake Nona has a host of national chains and franchises that are settling into the neighborhood—but many are taking cues from Lake Nona’s innovative nature and offering a new twist. Lake Nona’s Walmart, for example, offers mobile scan & go shopping so you never have to wait in lines, pick-up service so you can scoop up groceries without leaving your car, and even has its own in-store organic restaurant, Grown. But there are also independent gems like Canvas Restaurant and Market and Chroma Bar + Kitchen in the mix with local chainlets like Jaca’s Barbershop and Bosphorous Turkish Cuisine.

Explore Lake Nona-area businesses

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Moss Park Articles

We love a good article, don’t you? Here are some of our favorites—including one or two of our own.

Moss Park Brings the Best of Both Worlds

Moss Park Offers Best Camping Near Disney

[Infographic] Moss Park by the Numbers

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Moss Park FAQ

Your frequently asked questions about Moss Park—answered!

  1. What is Moss Park’s zip code? 32832

Have a question? We’re happy to help.

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