I Live Here: Lauralyn Prewett

Have you ever wondered who lives in Central Florida neighborhoods? Say hello to the Lauralyn Prewett, St. Cloud resident.
Meet St. Cloud resident Lauralyn Prewett and her man Richard Roth.

Q&A With Lauralyn Prewett

Name and age
Lauralynn Prewett, 43

South shore of Boston—home of the champions and the wicked come back! I grew up in Whitman, Massachusetts…and yes, I pahk my cah.

Current neighborhood
St Cloud, unincorporated Osceola county off Nova Rd.

How do you pay the bills?
I’m still so amazed that I get to work with the citizens of Orange county as an Animal Services Officer. I love the camaraderie of my team as we spread out across the county each night protecting and educating citizens and animals. From bringing lost dogs and cats in for reunification with their owners or adoption and taking injured animals (domestic & wildlife) for medical care to educating pet parents as to our county ordinances…my nights are never boring. I’ve learned so much, and yes, I have conversations with the animals. Just kidding…not kidding.

What do you create?
I create memories with my grown children as well as opportunities for myself to grow and learn personally so that I might share the joy I find along the way.

How did you land in St Cloud?
I landed in St Cloud after meeting my man. When we decided to enjoy the rest of our lives together there was no question as to where we would live. He already had a home in St Cloud, and I had gotten to truly appreciate the quiet and the kindness of St Cloud.

Do you hold an annual pass? If so, to which park?
Nooooo no no no no. We have a boat so … whether it’s our local lakes or the coast … I’m blessed to be able to swim, explore islands, and soak up all that nature offers.

What is the last book you read?
“Eat That Frog!” by Brian Tracy. It has positive lessons for the development of self-discipline and good habits. I’ve always joked about myself being the queen of procrastination although it hasn’t always served me so well. This book has offered me a new way of looking at some things and ideas to improve them.

Name your favorite tattoo
My favorite tattoo is on the back of my shoulder. Its meaning is extensive and emotional, but it is meaningful. Also, it’s one of my own original sketches.

Last thing you ate at a food truck?
Mac’n’cheese grilled cheese from the Big Cheese! Yummo! Central Florida has some fantastic and creative food trucks.

What is your favorite farmers’ market and why?
I haven’t yet explored any farmers’ markets in St Cloud. I want to though.

Butterbeer, Dole whip, or _______?
Ok I admit, I had to google butterbeer which will be a ‘no.’  Dole whip sounds delicious and refreshing though.

Springs, lakes, or oceans?
All of the above. I love water…hearing its waves, feeling its coolness, floating…all of it. Oceans are my favorite though. That’s why I enjoy St Cloud’s lakefront so much with its own beach and peaceful walking paths for my dog Milo and I.

Only in St Cloud moment?
Pulling up to a restaurant for breakfast and being the only vehicle in the lot that’s not a lifted 4×4 truck. True story.

Dog person or cat person?
Dogs or cats? Definitely dogs in my house. They’re pure love.

If you could change one thing about Orlando, what would it be?
If I could change one thing about Orlando it would be its proximity to the beach. I’d just slide it a bit further east.

Where can we find you on the web?
Facebook. I use it to keep up with friends and family from all over. Facebook also helped me reunite with my youngest daughter after 10 years.

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