I Live Here: The Hiatt Family

Of Lake Whippoorwill-Hart
The Hiatt Family

1.     Name and age

Tyler Hiatt (34) and Michelle Hiatt (33)

2.     Hometown

We both grew up here in Orlando.

3.     Current Neighborhood

Lake Whippoorwill-Hart Community

4.     What is your favorite part about living in your neighborhood?

We love the peace and privacy of this neighborhood! It provides a country-feel but is close to all that Lake Nona offers. 

5.     What is your occupation?

Tyler is the president of Landstreet Auto Mall, which leases properties to car dealerships, mechanics, paint + body shops, and various other auto-related companies. 

He also recently started Orlando Liquidation Warehouse where his company sells all major retailers merchandise to the public at 40%-60% of retail price. 

Michelle is a Stay at home/homeschooling mother of five. She is owner of The Nourishing Cupcake, the premier Cupcake Jar Catering Company of Orlando.  She is also a wellness advocate for CBD in the community.

6.     Favorite Local Hangout?

Our favorite date night spot is Nona Blue

7.     Favorite family activities?

During the week, we keep very busy running our businesses and participating in several homeschool co-ops and extracurricular activities with the kids. We are also involved with our church and host a Bible study weekly.

Family is priority to us and any time we spend together is special. We honestly enjoy the simple things like eating family dinners together, playing in the yard, or sitting on the dock. It’s often the little moments and memories that mean the most and we try to enjoy every bit of watching our beautiful children grow up. 

8.     Springs, lakes or oceans?

Although we live on the beautiful Lake Whippoorwill, the beach has our hearts. 

If you could change one thing about Central Florida what would it be?

If we could change one thing about central Florida it would be the heat and humidity. Less would be nice!

9.     Where can we find you on the web?

You can find Tyler on FB @ Orlandoliquidationwarehouse

You can find Michelle at www.thenourishingcupcake.com and www.nourishingcbdoil.com

10.  What are you most proud of?

We are most proud of our family! God has been SO good to us and we are thankful for 14 wonderful years of marriage and our 5 amazing children. They truly are such a gift. 

11.  With all of it’s growth, what are you most excited about coming to Central Florida?

Lake Nona Town Center… we can’t wait until it is finished. 

12.  Dog person, cat person, or other?

Kid-person, clearly 😉 

Our Story:

Tyler and I were High School sweat hearts and when we got married 14 years ago, we chose to buy a house in Eagle Creek. It was a BRAND new neighborhood at the time and we were some of the first to move in. There was nothing out here in Lake Nona, but we loved the beautiful community and understood the potential of the area. 

Since living in our first home in Eagle Creek, we have moved quite a bit, living in 3 different states! After living in Tennessee and North Carolina for 6 ½ years, we moved back to the Orlando area. We settled right back in Lake Nona…this time in our favorite neighborhood, the Lake Whippoorwill-Hart Community! My childhood best friend lived here, so growing up I spent lots of time in the neighborhood, back when Kirby Smith Rd was just a dirt road!

This neighborhood is SO special in that you can enjoy the peace and privacy of “country living” while being close to EVERYTHING. Lake Nona is a completely different place than when we first got married…and we are truly thankful to call this community home. 

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