Pro Media Now, Inc

There are many aspects involved in creating a video game, from conception and story line to graphic design, programming and public release. it’s a long and complex process that requires administrators with artistic vision, technical skill and creative freedom.

Pro Media Now has been in this industry since 2003. They successfully developed and launched Fishing Paradise 3D, a top-rated mobile game app. Their next project, Fishing Paradise World Tour, is set to launch in 2019.

Fishing Paradise 3D

Launched in 2013, Fishing Paradise 3D quickly became the top rated fishing game app in the world! Catch the widest variety of the rarest species ever seen in a fishing game. To catch them all you’ll need both skill and a little luck. Hold on tight!

Fishing Paradise World Tour

Everything you loved about Fishing Paradise 3D just went EPIC! Design and drive your own boat… Create or choose your own fishing spot… Play in Tournaments for REAL PRIZES! These dynamic events and more, coming in 2019!



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