I Live Here: Elvis & Christine

Everyone has a story worth telling. And we’re proud to introduce Central Florida Monthly’s I Live Here Project—featuring our first Q&A with Randal Lakes neighbors Elvis & Christine.

Christine & Elvis

Q&A with Christine & Elvis

Name and age:
Christine Hartmann & Elvis Burrows, 27; Bowser Burrows, 2.

I (Christine) grew up in Saint Charles, IL, a western Suburb of Chicago, while Elvis grew up in Freeport, Bahamas. Bowser spent his early weeks in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Current Neighborhood:
Randal Park. We chose Colonial Grand fairly easily since they have no breed restrictions. Whenever Bowser makes a trip to the front office he walks away with treats and a tennis ball.

How do you pay the bills?
Elvis is a man of many talents: swimming professionally for the Bahamas, assistant coaching the swim team at Rollins, as well as a manager at Jimmy Hula’s. I coach club volleyball at Nona Sports.

What do you create?
I’m definitely the handy type who likes to DIY and Pinterest all day. When we moved here I couldn’t find the perfect dining table or the perfect desk, so naturally, I’ve struck up an interest in building furniture with two-by-fours. Elvis liked my new desk so much we got rid of his and customized a new one just for him!

How did you land in Orlando?
I went back to Chicago for a new job after graduating from University of Kentucky, Elvis was still there finishing his Masters in Hospitality Management, once he graduated he chose to come to Orlando to continue training and I took the plunge soon after.

Do you hold an annual pass? If so, to which park?
I do not own an annual pass…YET! I need to get one for Universal Studios.

What is the last book you read?
The last book I ever finished in its entirety was one of the Harry Potter books back in Junior High. Elvis is more the reading type and is currently reading “Setting the Table: The Transforming Power of Hospitality in Business.”

Name your favorite tattoo:
I have none, but if I had to choose a tattoo on someone else it would be, hands down, Elvis’ Olympic Rings tattoo from his participation in 2008.

Last thing you ate at a food truck?
I can’t remember the last time we went, but I keep wanting to try the Mofongo truck that’s on Narcoossee.

What is your favorite farmers’ market and why?
Winter Park. There is this awesome vendor who sells fresh-squeezed orange juice, sometimes with pineapple, mango, etc. It’s the greatest thing I’ve ever drank.

Butterbeer, Dole whip, or ____________?
Butterbeer! I’m a big sweet tooth and Butterbeer is delicious. My other guilty pleasure is Menchies!

Springs, lakes, or oceans?
Elvis is definitely an ocean person, I guess I’d say I’m an ocean person too, but since moving here I’ve wanted to go to some springs and see all the manatees.

Only in Orlando moment?
This happened shortly after moving in to Colonial Grand. Elvis was walking Bowser and happened to see a huge snake—not exaggerating, it was about 3-4 feet long—and it was thick. It was right by our front door, so I ended up calling George at Reptile World asking if he wanted it. His response was along the lines of “if it’s venomous I’ll come get it, if not leave it alone.” We sent a picture and he said it wasn’t venomous, so we let him be. Now, I am always on the lookout for snakes when I take Bowser on walks.

Dog person or cat person?
Dog people for sure, but cats are cool too.

If you could change one thing about Orlando, what would it be?
If I could change one thing, I would put it closer to the beach.

Where can we find you on the web?
Instagram for the most part: @lord_bowser (yes, the dog is on IG) @charty32, and @elvisvb.

About the I Live Here Project

Everyone has a story worth telling. And that’s why we started the I Live Here Project—to make it easy for you to share your story, read your neighbors’ stories, and make this place where we all live feel more like home.

How You Can Participate

There are three simple rules to participate in CFM’s I Live Here Project. You must:

  1. Answer all of the questions.
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Sound good? Great. Send us an email (lynnette@cfmonthly.com) and we’ll send you the questions. After you return your answers to us, we’ll schedule your photo shoot and put you in the queue for publication. And, of course, we’ll give you the heads up when we publish your Q&A in the magazine or online. Because #InternetFamous.


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