I Live Here: The Kalala Family

Have you ever wondered who lives in Central Florida's neighborhoods? Say hello to the Kalala family of The Oaks at Moss Park.

1. Name and age
Ayila Kalala, 38
Donna Kalala, 38
Kazambu Kalala, 9
Omoye Kalala, 6

2. Hometown
Ayila Kalala was born in Indiana, but raised in Orlando
Donna Kalala is a rare Florida native, born and raised in Orlando
Current: Orlando, FL

3. Current Neighborhood
The Oaks at Moss Park

4. What is your favorite part about living in your neighborhood?
Our favorite part about living in our neighborhood is the friendliness of everyone around us.
We haven’t been in the neighborhood long, but we have enjoyed getting to know everyone. The kids especially like the park, pool and the ample amount of space outside the neighborhood for walking and exercise.

5. What is your occupation?
Ayila – Defense Contractor, Melbourne, FL
Donna – Education Coordinator with Seminole State College

6. Favorite Local Hangout?
We frequent Pig Floyd’s a lot. It has great food and drinks and the environment is relaxed.
We also enjoy time at Drive Shack. The kids love it and it is a lot of fun!

7. Favorite family activities?
We spend a lot of time at the soccer fields because both of our kids play soccer. When we
are not doing that we enjoy traveling, the beach and hanging out with friends and family.

8. Springs, lakes or oceans?
Definitely the ocean. We love Jetty Park and it’s super close to us now. When we are feeling
like a longer drive we enjoy Siesta Key, & Clearwater Beaches.

9. Only in Central Florida moment?
Only in Central Florida can we wear shorts year round, enjoy all the tourist attractions when we
want and still escape from the hustle and bustle of the busy city life in our cozy neighborhood.

10. If you could change one thing about Central Florida what would it be?
The tolls. Like really. Com’on let us ride for free! Ha!

11. Where can we find you on the web?
Donna: ko318 on Instagram

12. What are you most proud of?
Donna – I am most proud of my kids and family and how resilient they have been since the
move. They have adapted to the new school and community very well. It’s because it’s a great place
to live.
Ayila – I am most proud of my family.

13. With all of it’s growth, what are you most excited about coming to Central Florida?
Donna &Ayila – I am excited about all the new things that will come to the Lake Nona area.
We have so much already like the medical city, yoga and great hang out spots, the thought of more
things is exciting!

14. Dog person, cat person, or other?
Dog persons for sure! We do not own any pets yet, but looking forward to it in the distant future.

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