I Live Here: The Pasch Family

Have you ever wondered who lives in Central Florida neighborhoods? Say hello to the Pasch family of Waters Edge.

Name and age:

Marni Pasch 37, Scott Pasch 41, Karrington Pasch 9, Evelyn Pasch 7



I grew up in Annapolis, MD and Scott grew up in Fairfax, VA.


Current Neighborhood: 

Water’s Edge has been our home since moving to Florida almost 10 years ago.


What is your favorite part about living in your neighborhood?

We love our neighbors.  Everyone lends a hand to a neighbor in need, or in my case a microwave; Once I needed to defrost a pot roast and our microwave broke that day!


What is your occupation?

I am an academic life coach and own Team Pasch Academic Coaching. I have a masters in counseling education, training as an ADHD coach for teens, and extensive gifted course work, but when it comes down to it, my passion is helping struggling students gain academic confidence. I work with students in grades 6th and higher on time management, organization, motivation, study skills and more. I am so lucky meet so many wonderful kiddos!


My husband is a social studies teacher at Good Shepherd Catholic School. He is one of the most passionate teachers I have ever met. He even handwrites Christmas letters to all of his students! I think he did almost 200 this year!


How did you land in Orlando?

My husband and I played in punk bands and every winter we would go on tour to escape the Maryland winter blahs. We loved the Florida winters and most of our family relocated here to retire. We settled on Lake Nona because it was close to everything!


Favorite Local Hangout?

In Lake Nona you will find us at old favorites like Sweet Mama’s or Durian Durian. We also have a new family favorite, Piazza Italia!


Favorite family activities?

We love theater, so  have season tickets to the Dr. Philips Center or my  we go to see our daughters’ theater company, Shine in the Limelight. We also go to theme parks. Gatorland is one of our favorites and every Christmas we take a family photo there.


Springs, lakes or oceans?

Oceans. I grew up dealing with sharks. I don’t play with gators.


Only in Central Florida moment?

Only in Central Florida could someone tell you they live in Orlando but still live an hour away from you.


If you could change one thing about Central Florida what would it be?

I would like to have Florida become a hub for television and movie production again. There is too much talent waiting to be discovered here!


Where can we find you on the web?




What are you most proud of?

I am most proud of my daughters. Yes, my house sounds like I am raising 10 boys sometimes, but they are kind, creative, smart and caring young ladies.  I am so excited to watch them change the world as they get older.


With all of it’s growth, what are you most excited about coming to Central Florida?

My needs are simple.  I would be content with a Trader Joe’s that is within a ten minute drive.


Dog person, cat person, or other?

 Dogs and sloths.

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